Charlton Marketing is a strategic marketing agency that helps retail businesses leverage the power of paid media to succeed. They hired me to help them refresh their brand and website to keep them up with the ever-changing marketing landscape.

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Charlton Marketing Branding

We came to the conclusion that their previous logo and motto we're still very fitting to the agency and that instead of coming up with something 100% new, we would simply modernize the logo, fonts, etc. The result is a fresh look at something that already works well and has recognition amongst peers and the community.

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Charlton Marketing Website

Once we established a strong branding, I hopped into design for a completely custom website. Not just a Wordpress template, but something completely custom and unique that would set them apart from the many other creative and marketing agencies in Portland. The result is a completely custom site, tailored to fit their needs, built on Wordpress to allow them to make changes to the site easily and regularly.


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