Dawson Design is a multi-disciplinary agency run by Anne Matzke. Anne has been designing in Boulder for the past 12 years, working solo or as a consultant and collaborator in many industries. She has managed a wide variety of projects, including natural food packaging, photoshoot styling, film production, informational graphics, website design or re-design, presentation design, tech start-up branding and philanthropic marketing.

I've worked with Anne on a large variety of projects over the last few years—branding/logo design, packaging design, web development, etc.

dawson design website

Dawson Design Website

Anne hired me to do all of the web development for her own website. I helped her turn her design into a reality and integrate the whole thing with Wordpress so that she could easily make changes and update content by herself.

ars nova logo 1
ars nova logo 2
ars nova logo 3
ars nova logo 4

Ars Nova Logo

Ars Nova Singers of Boulder, Colorado, specializes in a cappella music of the Renaissance and the 20th and 21st centuries. The professional-core ensemble is conducted by founding Artistic Director Thomas Edward Morgan and is composed of selectively auditioned choral musicians from the Denver/Boulder metropolitan region.

I was contracted to work with Anne to develop a new logo for the group that incorporated a labyrinth and played with the mystical / supernatural ambiance of the group.

organic center logo 1
organic center logo 2
organic center logo 3
organic center logo 4

Organic Center Logo

The Organic Center is a nonprofit organization that is a trusted source of information for scientific research about organic food and farming. We cover up-to-date studies on sustainable agriculture and health, and collaborate with academic and governmental institutions to fill gaps in our knowledge.

special sauce work webpage
special sauce services webpage

Special Sauce Branding

A couple web page re-designs I was contracted to do for Special Sauce Branding. I worked with Anne to create a compelling Services page and completely revamped Work page.


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