MatMarket specializes in forward thinking Material Design, Product Innovation and in-depth Research & Development. They enrich, develop and deliver new and existing technologies that position brands as market leaders. Many of their materials are branded and marketed individually, creating a need for unique, forward-thinking branding & design. Below is a sampling of some of the projects I've worked on with them.

mesh1 website brands
mesh1 website consumers
mesh1 website creators

Mesh 1 Branding / Website

The old branding and website was outdated and ready for a major revamp. Matmarket approached us with the goal of creating something new that better identified with the companies goals. We created a logo that blended the elements together with a cutting edge, modern look. Once the new direction had been chosen, we created a simple web design, rooted in UI/UX, that helped tell their story.

ariaprene website mobile
ariaprene website desktop

Ariaprene Website

Already having their brand established, Ariaprene needed a strong a functional website to go along with it. The challenge with this site was to create a page that could be used to highlight the various products being released that use their material. We came up with a design that focused heavily on imagery and pulled out colors on a simple, white background. We developed the site mobile first so that it could be easily accessed by all.

insite brochure
insite brochure
insite brochure
insite brochure
insite brochure

Insite Insoles Brochure

Insite had just finished establishing their identity when we were approached to help them develop a booklet that would tell their brand story. The company creates insoles, backed by science, so we decided to make this the centerpiece of the book. Using a simple color palette and highlighting important elements with their brand red, we created a beautiful book that highlights the technology and insight behind the product to help tell their story.


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